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About Bill

Why are you in this type of business?

Seemed like a good idea at the time.


Can you provide me with a description of your business? [this evolves over time and will be noted]

Windshutters is a General Contracting business that provides for a more enjoyable and relaxing Florida living environment. We provide comfort in the knowledge that your home and business are protected from storm, sun, insects and forced entry.



How did you get started in this business?

I was unemployed. Had construction experience and a source of shutters. No marketing experience, still don’t.



What is your favorite part about the products and services your offer?

I love the simplicity and multiple uses for our customers of our automated products. I use my roll shutters daily for protection from the daily sun keeping my house cool and protecting my interior but can raise them with just the push of a button and it’s like they are not even there. I also like that if it storms, I can lower them partially or all of the ways and still use my porch to grill and sit outside enjoying the cooler weather.

On my previous home, I also had a retractable awning. It was great that my family could enjoy the outdoors by the pool but when the sun got to strong and hot, I could protect the kids with just the push of a button.


Can you describe your customers?

Our customers are generally successful educated individuals who have owned businesses, are Professionals or have held high-ranking corporate positions. Because I am an Analytical personality and think on a technical level, I seem to connect better with those who think on that level.


How has technology impacted your products and services?

Technology is gaining momentum and dependability with automated systems. The ability to control the systems at your home from far away is gaining traction. It is also possible for systems to protect your home automatically or for non-storm systems, protect themselves from unexpected weather.

Our manufacturing is also benefiting from automated cutting systems that provide accuracy to 16th of an inch for better quality control.


What are the biggest misconceptions people have about Storm shutters?

Protecting one window on a certain side of a home “ where the storms come from”. Windows won’t break with shutters, Impact windows will not break. Roll shutters require constant maintenance.


Name those whom your trust implicitly (2nd in command) within your company:

I have to trust anyone I work with or I cannot work with them. Lying to me is a big mistake. Emily my daughter obviously gets top rank but I feel the same about Gary, Tracy, Lisa, Eduardo . My longest-term co-workers.


Where do you see your business in the next few years?

I would like to see an increase in our service and annual maintenance in addition to overall sales thru architects and designers to contractors and remodelers.


Your thoughts on the evolving (global warming) weather patterns and why it is important to protect one’s things while insuring them?

Global warming will increase the frequency and severity of storms and hurricanes. Insects will always be pesky and a source of disease with the reduction in the use of pesticides. Long-term sun exposure will become even more deadly as the sun’s intensity increases and the ozone layer decreases. We need to adapt our homes, businesses so that we are prepared and can focus on more enjoyable activities such as family and protect the source of income from our business that afford us these luxuries.


What is the most important part of your business that sets your company apart from others in the region?

I started Windshutters by installing all of the products we sell. I believe we have a responsibility to install these precuts in a manner that they work when needed. Unfortunately, many companies in our industry are simply Marketing companies that happen to sell shutters or they were installers for a short while and do not understand construction or how the products work in a storm.