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Preventative Maintenance

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Just like any other major home system, hurricane shutters require preventative maintenance to keep them in optimal condition, so they are working properly when you need them most.

Windhsutters recommends the following maintenance schedule:


    • Operate/Run Your Shutters  – When shutters ist idle for too long, insects, birds, rodents, and debris can cause potential blockages. Operating your shutters regularly can help prevent this from happening.


    • Hose/Spray Down Shutters – Simply by rinsing off your shutters you can help keep salt and dirt from building up. Due to our coastal environment, salt can wreak havoc on metals and cause corrosion.


  • Schedule a Maintenance Appointment with Windshutters – December through May is the ideal time to have comprehensive service done on our shutters. Our technicians will inspect and replace (when necessary) all components and electrical connections, as well as thoroughly hand wash and lubricate each shutter. This maintenance will give you peace of mind knowing your shutters are working properly and your family and home are produced should a storm head our way.

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