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Solar Screens Help Lakewood Ranch, FL, Homeowners Take Advantage of the Great Outdoors

Solar Screens Lakewood Ranch FLImagine this: you’re sitting on your patio, sipping that first cup of coffee in the morning and reveling in the beauty of your backyard. The sun is out, but the glare and heat aren’t too intense. There aren’t any mosquitos to slap away. Does this sound like a fairytale? It doesn’t have to be! Solar screens can make it a reality. You’ll be able to enjoy the views of your backyard and take in the fresh air without dealing with intense UV rays and bugs. Homeowners in Lakewood Ranch, Florida, and surrounding communities can turn to WINDSHUTTERS™ for high-quality solar screens that will significantly improve your time spent on your patio.

Our Solar Screens

At WINDSHUTTERS™, we manufacture our own line of solar screens. This means we’re able to control the engineering process of our products and make sure they live up to our high expectations. The way we see it, if the product isn’t good enough for our homes, it most definitely isn’t good enough for our customers’ homes. Our solar shades are:

  • Transparent – You’ll be able to choose from 5% and 10% openness for the transparency that suits you most. Choose 5% openness if you want more privacy or 10% if you want more visibility.
  • Energy efficient – Our solar shades limit the amount of UV penetration to make your patio more comfortable and energy efficient.
  • Functional – Our solar screens protect your carpet, artwork, and furniture from fading due to sun penetration.

Get Started Today

There’s no time like the present to have solar screens installed and start enjoying all the benefits these products can provide. Contact WINDSHUTTERS™ today to schedule a complimentary consultation at your Lakewood Ranch, FL, home.