What Are the Best Hurricane Shutters?

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What Are the Best Hurricane Shutters for Residents in Sarasota & Along the Florida Coastline?

Best Hurricane Shutters Sarasota FLIf you live in Sarasota or any other city along Florida’s coastline, you are likely aware how important effective hurricane protection can be. The Atlantic hurricane season begins in June and ends in November, meaning that your home or business may be at risk of sustaining damage caused by the high winds and driving rains that accompany hurricanes. And, beyond that, the coastal environment is harsh almost year-round, with salty air and warm temperatures. So, protecting your home along the coastline is absolutely crucial, and the best way to protect your windows and doors are with hurricane storm shutters. But which ones are best?

Types of Hurricane Shutters & Materials

There are many different styles of hurricane shutters, but generally speaking, the most popular options are roll down shutters, accordion, colonial, and Bahama. In terms of pure hurricane protection, the best options from this group are roll down shutters and accordion shutters. Both can be closed and locked shut to protect windows and doors from shattering as the result of high winds caused by a storm. Many systems on today’s market are motorized, meaning they can be opened or sealed closed with the simple press of a button. Comparatively, colonial and Bahama shutters provide more of an aesthetic appeal, rather than durable hurricane protection.

And, when purchasing storm shutters, it’s important to make sure that they are made from a sturdy, non-corrosive material. For example, metal shutters with stainless-steel inserts provide optimal protection and lasting performance against storms and the corrosive coastal climate. Stainless-steel and other durable metals are certainly a desirable option compared to more traditional and outdated wooden hurricane shutters.

Storm Shutters from WINDSHUTTERS™

WINDSHUTTERS™ has proudly served Sarasota, FL, and many of the surrounding coastal areas since 1972. In that time, we have helped countless residents fortify their homes or businesses against the worst that Mother Nature has to offer. We manufacture our storm shutters in-house, allowing us to attest to their quality and performance against the elements. Plus, they are backed by a 15-year manufacturer warranty to provide peace of mind to our customers.

For more information about the hurricane shutters we install for residents in the Sarasota, FL, area, contact WINDSHUTTERS™ today.