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About Bill
Bill has been certified as a window installation instructor and collaborated in the development of the Impact Protection Device (IPD) installation training program for the International Hurricane Protection Association where he served 6 terms on the board of directors.

Windshutters is a General Contracting business that provides for a more enjoyable and relaxing Florida living environment. We provide comfort to our clients in the knowledge that your home and business are protected from storms, sun, insects, and forced entry.

I started Windshutters by personally installing all of the products we sell. I believe we have a responsibility to install these products in a manner that they work when needed. We have years of hands-on experience and truly understand construction and how these products function in a storm.

Our automated products add simplicity and convenience to the lives of our customers. They can use roll shutters daily for protection from the daily sun, keeping the house cool and protected, but can raise them with just the push of a button and it’s like they are not even there. They can also lower partially so you can still use your porch to grill and sit outside enjoying the cooler weather.

Our industry is continually evolving with new technologies. The ability to control the systems at your home from far away is gaining traction. It is also possible for systems to protect your home automatically from unexpected weather.

Our manufacturing department is also benefiting from automated cutting systems that provide accuracy to the 16th of an inch for better quality control.

With a changing climate, the increased frequency and severity of storms have created the need for us to adapt our homes and businesses so we are able to protect the things that matter most: our families, homes, and the businesses that make our communities great.