High-Performance Rolling Shutters Available for Homeowners in Sarasota, FL & the Surrounding Areas

Rolling Shutters Sarasota FLRolling shutters can be a valuable investment for homeowners living in Sarasota, Florida, or any of the surrounding coastal areas. Residences in the region without hurricane protection are at risk of sustaining substantial damage, such as shattered windows, flooded floors, and other problems caused by driving rain and high winds. Roll shutters defend against these harsh elements and prepare homes for the worst that Mother Nature has to offer. And when it comes to these important hurricane preparedness products, there is only one place to turn – WINDSHUTTERS™.

WINDSHUTTERS™ has proudly served the Sarasota, FL, area since 1972, providing homeowners with reliable hurricane protection and shutter repair. We manufacture our rolling shutters and other shutter products in-house, right here at our local facility. Because we hand-craft our own products, we can attest to their exceptional quality. Our roll shutters are:

  • Durable – Built with sturdy, non-corrosive aluminum or stainless steel, our rolling shutters are specifically designed for coastal environments. Plus, they are constructed with heavy end-cap castings and stainless-steel inserts to provide outstanding resilience and security.
  • Simple to operate – We offer both motorized and manually operated roll shutters, both of which are easy to open and close. In fact, our motorized shutters can be operated using the push of a button or by a phone app.
  • Sun resistant – In addition to hurricane protection, WINDSHUTTERS™ specially crafted rolling shutters also protect against sun light and ultraviolet rays. This can help to reduce the amount of heat that enters the home, helping to keep indoor temperatures comfortable.

Moreover, WINDSHUTTERS™ experienced crew can install roll shutters on single-family homes and commercial buildings, as well as mid-rise and high-rise condominiums.

For more information about the custom-manufactured rolling shutters that we install for homeowners throughout Sarasota, FL, and the nearby communities, contact WINDSHUTTERS™ today.

About Us

Since 1972 and under the same management since 1989, WINDSHUTTERS™, A window and shutter company, has been providing sales, service and installation to 1000’s of Gulf Coast residents and businesses.  Our manufacturing facility and showroom are conveniently located in Sarasota with easy access to ports for shipment throughout the USA and Caribbean Islands.

WINDSHUTTERS™   products fend off the worst Mother Nature has to offer. Each product has been designed and tested to meet or exceed the requirments of the Florida Building Code and your insurance carrier. Whether it is the damaging effects of a full blown hurricane, or just the daily sun, WINDSHUTTERS™  has the protection you need for home, condo or commercial building.


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