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Examples of what can happen with the lack of proper maintenance

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Mud dauber and wasp nests in Roll Shutter from lack of maintenance

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Universal Manual Crank damaged by excessive water intrusion from lack of maintenance

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Just like any other major system of your home, hurricane shutters require preventative maintenance to keep them in optimal condition, so they are working properly when you need them most.

  • Why – Because we live in a coastal environment where salt & sand can wreak havoc on metals causing corrosion; and insects/birds/rodents and other debris can cause potential blockages not allowing your shutters to operate properly.
  • When – Throughout the year it is ideal to perform basic maintenance and then December through May, prior to the start of hurricane season, is the ideal time to call WINDSHUTTERS to schedule a comprehensive service for your shutters.
  • How – Below we outline maintenance tips and time frames for the different styles of shutters.

Windshutters recommends the following maintenance schedule:

Please note that if you live within 3 miles of the coast or saltwater it is recommended to increase semi-annual maintenance to 3 times a year.

Roll Shutters
Monthly-Operate/Run your shutters. When shutters sit idle for too long, insects/birds/rodents and debris can cause potential blockages. Operating your shutters regularly can help prevent this from happening.
Quarterly- Wash all surfaces and tracks with warm, soapy water using a soft cloth or long-handled soft bristle brush. Rinse with clear water. Simply by rinsing off your shutters you can help keep salt and dirt from building up.
Annually-Schedule a maintenance appointment with Windshutters- December thru May is the ideal time to have a comprehensive service done on your shutters. Our technicians will inspect and replace(when necessary) all components and electrical connections, as well as thoroughly hand wash and lubricate each shutter. This maintenance will give you peace of mind knowing your shutters are working properly and your family and home will be protected should a storm head our way.
Semi-Annually-Lubricate rollers/wheels and locking mechanism with a silicon-based product. After lubricating, slide shutters open and closed to enhance their operation. If lock rods are used, lubricate them with the same product.
Vacuum or blow debris out tracks.
Annually-Wash shutters and tracks with warm soapy water and rinse with clean water.
Always keep locks in the pushed in (locked) position when not in use.
Bahamas & Colonials
Semi-Annually-Wash shutters and tracks with a mild dishwashing liquid and rinse with clean water.
Lubricate threaded areas for bolts, hinges, fasteners with lithium grease.
Remove any dirt, debris or build up.
Storm Panels /Removable Fabric
Semi-Annually-Loosen all flathead screw type bolts. Lubricate threads and all moving parts with white lithium grease.
Annually-Fabric/Clear panels should be cleaned with water and mild soap.
Remove all moisture before storing metal, clear or fabric panels with a clean cloth or sponge. Do not wrap panels in plastic or other moisture trapping materials. Moisture discoloration (gray or black stains) is normal for metal and does not affect their performance.
Store in a dry covered location

Throughout the year you should perform the basic maintenance routine outlined below. December through May, prior to the start of hurricane season, is the ideal time to call WINDSHUTTERS to schedule a comprehensive service for your shutters.

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