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Shutter Repair for Home and Business Owners in Venice, FL

Shutter Repair Venice FLHaving damaged or malfunctioning shutters can be a serious problem, especially if you notice the issue right before or during hurricane season, which runs from June 1 to November 30. However, there’s no need to fret about finding a shutter repair company that specializes in fixing your specific brand of hurricane shutters. That’s because there’s WINDSHUTTERS™. We are an experienced shutter repair company that fixes, maintains, and replaces storm shutters from any manufacturer. We serve homeowners, condominium managers, business owners, and more in Venice, Florida, and we can take care of the repairs you need promptly.

Aside from the fact that we’re able to repair any type of hurricane shutter, WINDSHUTTERS™ sets ourselves apart from the competition in the following ways:


We are able to repair shutters for virtually any type of property, from single-family residences to high-rise condos. We have the right safety equipment – such as scaffolding and tension cables – as well as a high level of knowledge about how to accurately repair your shutters.


We are an established company that has been serving residents throughout the area since 1972. This means you can feel good putting your repair project in the hands of a well-known company that has been satisfying customers for more than four decades.


Our team of repairmen will be respectful, professional, and personable when completing your project. They will maintain a friendly demeanor while also working hard to complete the repairs you need in a timely manner.

What’s more, should we discover that your shutters are damaged beyond repair, we can install new shutters for you. We manufacture a wide range of hurricane shutters in-house, all of which come in a selection of powder-coated color options to match your home or building’s design scheme.

When you need shutter repair services, WINDSHUTTERS™ has you covered. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at your home or business in Venice, FL.