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What Is a Hurricane Window?

What Is a Hurricane Window Longboat Key FLA hurricane window is a window that is designed to provide greater protection against hurricane-force winds and conditions, compared to regular windows. Also known as hurricane-impact or storm windows, hurricane windows typically feature sturdy frames, multiple panes of insulated glass, and non-corrosive locking hardware to ensure maximum protection against the worst that Mother Nature has to offer. In order to ensure their durability against hurricane-force conditions, many hurricane windows are tested in winds that exceed normal Category 5 hurricane wind speeds.

These types of windows are extremely popular in coastal areas, such as the coast of Florida, throughout the Gulf Coast, and along the Atlantic Seaboard. These are the areas where hurricane impacts are most common – and most devastating. Generally speaking, hurricane-impact rated windows are more expensive than regular windows, but when you consider their durability and ability to stand strong in adverse conditions, the investment is well worth it. Plus, they can be paired with storm shutters and other products to ensure homes and businesses are protected against broken glass caused by flying debris and water infiltration.

Hurricane Windows from WINDSHUTTERS™

WINDSHUTTERS™ proudly offers hurricane-rated impact windows, storm shutters, and other products designed to protect homes against tropical storm and hurricane conditions. We have been a leader in hurricane preparedness in Longboat Key, FL, and throughout the region since our doors first opened in 1972. Our windows are available in both aluminum and vinyl frames, feature insulated, energy-efficient glass, and come in myriad colors and styles to meet the needs of homeowners in the area.

For more information about the hurricane windows we install on single-family homes, mid-rise and high-rise buildings, commercial buildings, and condominiums throughout Longboat Key, FL, contact WINDSHUTTERS™ today.